Our work and the environment


The tires of all wheeled vehicles have a life expectancy that is determined by their usage, as well as the specifications of the manufacturer.

Besides their expiration date, they are already a problem for the environment, due to the materials that they are consisted of ( such as rubber, steel, linen, zinc oxide, sulfur, etc. They cannot be decomposed in streams, rivers, trenches, or dumps. Instead, they pose a great source of contamination and infection.

Burying tires isn’t a solution either, as it could contaminate the underground as well as the water resources in the area. On the other hand, burning them could release cancerous substances in the atmosphere, such as benzene, phenol, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, etc, that can pose an imminent threat for human health.

The solution of the problem was found though, that benefits everyone environmentally, as well as financially.

By recycling tires, we can use them as raw material in making materials for building constructions and road asphalting, as well as building airports, children playgrounds, stadiums, etc. They can be also used as fuel for producing energy, and for the manufacture of rubber powder

Our chain of licensed engaged operators, as a final result, starts with collecting and transporting the old tires, and ends with cutting and granulation.

Our company is certified by ISO and has an exclusive objective of managing old tires giving viable solutions to the problem and making a undeniable contribution to the problem of the uncontrollable and unorganized disposal of old tires, that was harmful for the environment.


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