Η συνεργασία με την Ecoelastika. Our cooperation with Ecoelastika. Right now, Ecoelastica is the only Alternative Collective Disposition System of old elastics, that has the approval of the ministry of environment, in the whole country.

It was founded in 2002, and it was approved on the July of 2004. It has been working legally from the November of 2004.


The AXEL  company was founded in 2006. The purpose of the company is the proper environmental management and recycling of tires.

The principle of the company is the protection of the environment with the recovery and reuse of raw materials.

The goal is the production of shredded tires for energy utilization in dimensions 5x5, 10cm and larger depending on customer requirements. All production is exported to Korea - Japan - Malaysia - India - Egypt.


ANGELOS SOTIRIOU & CO OE, is contracted with Ecoelastika, having undertaken the collection and transport of old tires in Attica and Boeotia and contributing from the first moment the maximum to the harmonious operation of the system.

With a sense of responsibility towards the State Ecoelastika but also to all participants and contractors with the system, ANGELOS SOTIRIOU & CO OE, did not hesitate to invest in additional mechanical equipment and human resources, resulting in the first months of operation of the system , to meet its contractual obligations regarding the collection and transport of old tires.

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